Sometimes brands get their marketing right. You wouldn't think it would be so hard. Either way, Peroni Nastro Azzurro (to give them their due) has teamed up with forward-thinking opera producers Go Opera and producer Kwes to put on a modern day opera accessible for a new generation of music lovers.

The new opera will run across two seasons (spring/summer and autumn/winter) and will encompass two productions of authentic Italian operas performed in a contemporary style set against an eclectic, modern soundtrack. The first will be based around key arias from Verdi's La Traviata and Puccini's La Boheme and La Rondine, wheras the one later in the year will be a full on performance of La Rondine combined with an out-there dinner; a 'feast for the senses' if you will.

Creative director James Hurley has this to say on the matter:

Throughout the creative process it has been crucial to stay true to the opera’s essentially Italian heritage while making the work feel fresh and innovative to stimulate the passion of a new audience, many of whom may have never seen an opera before.  Puccini is one of the greatest Italian opera composers and La Rondine contains some of his most beautiful and heartbreaking music.  It is a work that is rarely (if ever) performed outside the big opera houses, so the team and I have had the creative freedom to produce a completely unique musical-theatrical event which pushes the boundaries of what people may have come to expect from a night at the opera. We encourage everyone to leave their preconceptions at the door!”

As for Kwes' pedigree, if you didn't already know; the 24-year old worked with Speech Debelle on her Mercury winning album Speech Therapy as well as with Damon Albarn, The xx, Micachu and Ghostpoet. He's not much for solo performance but you know he's got a good thing going when Warp wanted to release his debut solo EP Meantime.

If you're interested in going along (we certainly will be) to what sounds like a pretty different experience, the tickets are sneakily exclusive to Peroni Facebook fans (luckily not too hard to remedy) Tickets are £7.50 and available for a limited time; the Opera will be taking place across London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.