Triton Square, that little spit of land by Warren Street tube. It’s not the most likely place for a well-to-do pop-up opera al fresco, but then there’s not much about Opera Di Peroni that fits the stereotype.

Established by Go Opera, a young and vital movement to revitalize the typical preserve of older generations and Romantics, Opera Di Peroni sets the bar both a little higher, and a little lower. You can read more on the genesis of the production here, this little article is dedicated to the reality of the performance.

A cluster of nordic tents shelters a small stage (replete with piano) a circular bar, and a number of tall tables. Besides a small DJ booth and a couple of projects near the back corner, you could be easily stood at a nondescript drinks reception. Then, with not a single fanfare, a svelte young man bursts into a small, cordoned off VIP area much to the chagrin of the long-haired concierge seated there. They remonstrate loudly with each other in Italian; it’s the sudden, unceremonious start of an aria-trilogy from La Rondine. Decked out in a cross between chic ball-gowns (the ladies) and studded leather jackets and very loud suits (the fellas), the performers appear from amongst the crowd, brushing through the assemblage to clamber onto the bar, bellow odes of longing and betrayal to one another, and generally put stupid grins on everyone’s face.

As the lyrics are projected onto the roof of the tent (in English, natch) the simple, timeless narrative of a live-triangle and the inevitable fallout is laid bare around you, depending where you were stood before the out-break of melodic falsettos and sonorous baritone.

The modernised soundtrack written by 24-year old producer Kwes is subtle and surprisingly classical; bar some sensitively downplayed electro it feels authentic and accessible. It’s the final flourish of the sensory experience, and despite my initial worry that the novelty might wear off prematurely, by the crescendo I was craving more.

A highly recommended evening the likes of which you won’t often get to experience; performed impeccably and with a brilliantly measured, tongue-in-cheek nod to the conventions of an ancient, classical art-form.

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