Ok so here is the brief run-down of the final 5 bands through to the last 10.  In a few weeks one of these will be on their way to a guaranteed single and album on a major label and £60,000 to make it happen.  Are we looking at the next Razorlight or Kaiser Chiefs?  Well I certainly hope not, but lets take a quick look at what we do have… 6.  Hip Parade – There is nothing inherently wrong or bad about Hip Parade, but it seems they have an all too familiar sound that is practically a carbon copy to so many other bands from North of the border (See – The Law, The Brogues, Popup, Hi 5 Alive, Figure 5, Parka, Yellow Bentines, The Draymin etc).  It’s an upbeat, lad rock type affair that has seen them get this far and will likely see them go down to the wire.  To see them win it though would be a shame, considering the quality other acts bidding for the chance. 7.  Luva Anna – Another Scot band, this time from Dundee, the band are best known for their great mass of collective hair.  Despite these impressive mullets though, there is a tad too much Fratelliness about the lads and they are essentially pretty average.  Can’t help but think they’re merely making up the numbers.  Although ‘Coma girl’ is quite amusing. 8.  Bo Bruce – Serious personality, serious lyrics, serious voice, serious songs, serious face.  It’s all a bit serious then.  Good if you like that kind of thing but the world doesn’t need another Dido does it?  Yes she has a great voice but I fear this show isn’t going to highlight her talents to the desired target audience.  Slim win chance. 9.  Tommy Reilly – Yet another Scot, this young Glasgow man really lets it all hang out.  Spitting out his James Blunt lyrics with the endearing eccentric delivery of say, Johnny Flynn.  The boy wonder is blowing the judges socks off each week and I suspect he will continue to do so, a definite contender for glory. 10.  Toby Sebastian – Constantly having his tender 16years of age brought into question by the celeb judges, Toby is out to prove he is ready to make his mark.  He certainly has a voice ahead of his tender age and although he can almost invoke the spirit of Jeff Buckley at times, most other times its more Daniel Powter (you know that horrendous ‘Had a bad day’ song).  Undoubtedly talented but unlikely to set the charts alight and for that reason his days in this comp could be numbered. So there you have it, exciting times I think and hopefully my preferred 1-2-3 of The Scarlet Harlots, Klaus Says Buy The Record, Tommy Reilly will transpire.  Either way there is sure to be plenty of drama and it certainly beats the snooze fest of X-factor or watching Z-list Celebrities bicker in a jungle, whilst eating Kangaroo nuts. Next show is Tonight at 9pm on ‘4Music’ Sky Channel 360 and repeated on Channel 4 at 12pm on Sunday.  Tune in and wig out.