Since 2010, New Zealand sound explorers Orchestra of Spheres have continued to delight, confuse and enchant listeners around the globe. Serving up a unique blend of homemade instruments, light-up alien costumes, Sun-Ra style jazz, ancient future funk, garage rock and post-punk, they're one of the most interesting acts to emerge from their hometown of Wellington in recent years.

Following on from two fruitful international album releases with UK label Fire Records, Orchestra of Spheres have re-signed with the British independent for a third full-length release Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon (due out on May 13). To kick things off, they've just dropped a new single 'Trapdoors'. Kicking off with some funky yet mathematical instrumentation, 'Trapdoors' showcases, in signature Orchestra of Spheres style, languid call-and-response vocals delivered in a surrealist spoken word style. It's a lot of fun, and suggests substantial promise for the rest of the 11-track album.

Following the release of Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon, Orchestra of Spheres will embark on a May/June European Tour. Keep your eye on their facebook page for more details.