On their new EP, Freedom Baby analyze anxiety, and manage to find the light at the end of the tunnel. The band is a nine-piece orchestral pop group, affectionately called “ork pop,” led by partners Eric and Brianna. The duo initially set out to make music that relied more on synths than glockenspiels, but something about their first single and opening track on their EP, 'When We Go', made them realize this was the right direction for them. Listen to How You’ll Grow exclusively below ahead of its official release tomorrow.

“We set out to record a collection of songs that captured a feeling and a mood and this is what came out. Our career goal is to remain true to artistic integrity, and that won’t necessarily translate to financial success. But fuck success. For the people who like it we hope you love it. For people who can’t jive with it, that’s totally cool too.” - Eric and Brianna, Freedom Baby

Freedom Baby draw on many influences for their new EP. With Eric’s rock background and Brianna’s lighter folk sensibilities, their songs cycle from quiet contemplation to eager excitement, with a rich fabric of instrumentation to back them. Each track is meant to fit together like an emotional puzzle, “in that they’re all searching for a sense of purpose or belonging,” according to the band. At times, one can feel as small and diffident as the bird in the center of the release’s art (by Tobias Faldt), but Freedom Baby knows you’re more than that. In 'Drag the Lake', the EP’s closing song, the duo addresses that lonely figure: “You’re not the bird who dies/ ‘Cause you’re not the one who flies.”

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