Pink Floyd's The Wall is the classic of classics and the artwork attributed to the film and album are just as iconic. Political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe is the man behind the series of paintings that would later become the movie. And those paintings are actually going on sale for the very first time.

Eleven paintings from the original set of 50 will be sold through the San Francisco Art Exchange and they include The Scream, The Teacher, The Mother and Comfortably Numb. First, find them exhibited at SFAE in July and then go up for auction here.

 photo comfortably_numb-lg-text_zpsh9m818cp.jpg

 photo hammers-lg-text_zpsjw0887ub.jpg

 photo scream-lg-text-1_zpszblpemiy.jpg

 photo teacher-lg-text_zpsguouivdg.jpg

 photo wife_shadow_on_wall-lg-text_zpsqkyzweor.jpg

 photo frightened_one-lg-text_zpsrl23c93p.jpg

 photo education_for_what-lg-text_zps9tqafkcv.jpg

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