The first string of official artist additions to next year's by:Larm music festival have been announced. Among the wave of acts will be celebrated 405 favourites Samaris, along with Karin Park, Vulkano, and a slew of other European-based acts.

It's the first news from the festival since announcing its official dates back in late August, when it was offering (now discontinued) discount delegate passes. Held in Oslo, Norway, by:Larm 2015 will continue the theme of half music festival and half conference. Per the festival website, it explains, "The main purpose is to present aspiring artists that are on the verge of success, either in their homelands or internationally."

"With a diverse live program, the artists at by:Larm represent the highlights of the current Nordic music scene," it continues. "In addition to introducing the more established artists to an international audience, by:Larm directs the spotlight towards new talents by booking a few bands as the Jury’s Selection. Every year, around 1500 bands from all the Nordic countries apply for by:Larm with a common goal; to impress and convince representatives from the International Music Industry to spend their time and effort on them. They come from Denmark (including The Faroe Islands and Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, with a dream to one day become as great as Lykke Li, Røyksopp, Bjørk, MEW, Jaga Jazzist or maybe Todd Terje."

By in large, by:Larm continues to be the focal point in the Scandinavian festival scene, kicking off 2015 bright and early.

The latest additions are as follows:

Samaris, Anna Of The North, Silvana Imam, Vulkano, Gidge, Karin Park, Sigrid Raabe, Sabina Ddumba, Karl William, Long-Sam, Pumba, Communions, Folkeklubben, Den Sorte Skole.

The festival takes place March 4th-7th in Oslo. Music and Interactive Badges are on sale now. Single and multi-day passes will go on sale in the near future.

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