5. Fames - 'Ladies'

"Do you ever sift through SoundCloud and find a track so smooth, you just have to share it, despite how old it is?"

4. Kehlani - 'Undercover'

"It's a song about unconditional love and relies on an AKON nod to take it to the next level."

3. London Grammar - 'Rooting For You'

"Your New Year's hangover should be gone by now, but if it hasn't, this might help."

2. Soleima - 'Cracks'

"It's the first week of January, yet Soleima refuses to take it easy."

1. Ace Tee - 'Bist du down?'

"You don't have to understand German to enjoy the soft vocals, boppy production from Plusma, and incredible style of Ace Tee, who we will definitely be keeping an eye on."