Currently recording a new EP, booking shows up for the rest of the year and preparing for their run of 'Thirteen Angry Men' shows alongside Spring Offensive and Olympians in October, Our Lost Infantry talk us through twelve of their favourite tracks. You can listen to the Spotify playlist by clicking here! Tom Astbury, bass: The Cooper Temple Clause – Been Training Dogs This song always takes me back to when i was 16 and just brilliant times in summer without any cares in the world really. Spring Offensive – Every Coin We've played with them loads, and this is an instant singalong-kinda thing which has been stuck in my lil’ mind for weeks. Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Peppa and Spinderella The first song I heard by Johnny Foreigner and still one of my favourites. Just full of general wonderousness. Matt Phelps, piano: ILiKETRAiNS - Spencer Perceval I have something of a penchant for dark, reverb-heavy, post-rock epics about murdered British prime ministers, and this is definitely my favourite such tune. Still say they should have kept the projections live though… Wild Beasts - The Devil’s Crayon There’s a running theme throughout a lot of my favourite music – a kind of quirky, can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it, English eccentricity encapsulated in relatively simple pop songs – and few bands since The Smiths have done it better than Wild Beasts. Easily one of the most-played tracks on my ipod, and still one of the best songs written this century, and surely the best ever to contain the word ‘rayon’? British Sea Power - Something Wicked Anyone who knows me knows BSP will always be my favourite band. It’s hard therefore to pick just one song, but whenever I hear this one I’m taken back to my first listen of ‘The Decline Of British Sea Power’ when music, and everything else, well, kind of changed forever really. Thom Ashworth, vocals and guitar: Hold Your Horse Is - Casual We've got a kind of inter-band bromance going on with HYHI. We got a cheeky leak of their EP a few weeks back which has been on heavy rotation ever since. The first couple of minutes of this tune remind me of 'Avalanche' by Hundred Reasons, before it mutates into a 6-armed riff beast. Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford - Double Dares This tune kills 2 birds with one cerebral, acoustic stone. I'm a sucker for a melody but alongside that I love a lot of 20th century art music like Steve Reich or Philip Glass, and a bunch of british Jazzers like Polar Bear and Led Bib. Bellowhead - Rigs of the Times If we ever manage to be half as entertaining on stage as Bellowhead, I'll be a happy man. Get past the idea that folk is a four letter word and they're easily the best live band around - huge arrangements, virtuoso musicianship and 11 people dancing, jumping and pissing around. Love it. Parkin, drums: Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper I have lost count of how many times I have heard this song, yet I still love shouting along, usually provoking strange looks from passers by. We have played with the Scotsmen several times and they are utterly sublime. Radiohead - Paranoid Android It is hard to choose just one song from such an influential band, but this one blows me away. It has an awesome variety of different sections with a middle eight that makes my ears cream. Hundred Reasons - Drowning I am unhappy I have never seen them live. This particular song is riddled with perfect melodies set to crunching guitars. When I listen to it my body involuntarily spasms in time. I like it. A lot.