Virginia’s Outlands conjure up the kind of sultry, woozy semi-goth beats that would be perfect soft duvet listening if it didn't posses a sweet four-to-the-floor party vibe. Well, perhaps appropriate for a warped ketamine-fuelled party at least, after an escape to said duvet.

Anyway, 'Com Ocean' here is taken from their eponymous six-track EP that is a glorious hybrid of genres, oozing sensuous bass and a lethargic sheen from the duo of Mark and Melissa. Wexford-born Sacred Animals provides the remix here, which is also warped though in a more subtle pop-based way, allowing a classic melodic synth to drive forward as electronic debris ricochet's off the structure.

The Outlands EP is out on September 20th on Digital via Bandcamp (though now on Ltd Edition cassette); also a series of remixes for 'Com Ocean' is out on October 8th, featuring offerings by Sacred Animals, Dream Cop, Mirror Kisses, TEXTBEAK & DEFA, and Tokyo Hands.