Earlier this year, Outlands paired Eartheater and Semiconductor for a tour of extraordinary audio-visual delicacies that aimed to make avant-garde underground music more accessible. Collaboration, experimentation and audience immersion are the key aims of Outlands’ projects, and they have recently announced a tour that sees Qujaku working alongside IMPATV, with support from group A who will be playing their own AV set each night.

Ensō Sone relates to cyclical wholeness, and of freedom expressed in the form of volume, and was the starting point to the ideas explored in the commissioned work. This is probably quite a good hint that you should take some earplugs, too.

Qujaku formed in 2013 and play blissed out, heavy psych rock which is best described as beautifully fierce and fiercely beautiful. IMPATV are UK artists Isadora Darke and Jamie Robinson and they use a range of visual techniques in their creative work, including live video mixing which will feature on the tour. Finally, group A use slabs of raw industrial noise, emotive poetry and live nude painting in their shows and keep the spirit of early Throbbing Gristle alive in their confrontational and provocative live performances. As with all Outlands events, this will no doubt be an evening to savour.

A teaser trailer for the tour has been put together and can be viewed here:

The tour takes in the following places:

Wed 6th Nov - Birmingham - Hare & Hounds 
Thu 7th Nov - Milton Keynes Gallery 
Fri 8th Nov - London - Corsica Studios
Sat 9th Nov - Cambridge Junction 
Sun 10th Nov - Bexhill - De La Warr Pavilion
  Mon 11th Nov - Bristol - Cube Cinema 
Tue 12th Nov - Plymouth - KARST
Wed 13th Nov - Manchester - Fairfield Social Club
  Thu 14th Nov - Bradford - Fuse