According to Music Week, using the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport national statistics, it was discovered that over 93 percent of all music industry jobs in the UK belong to people of Caucasian origin.

The statistics come from a 2013 study, which found that only "6.7 percent" of the 'Music, Performing and Visual Arts Industries' jobs in the UK are held by those that are non-white. Apparently, those figures are actually a minimal increase from the same study conducted in 2011, improving by "0.8 percent." In a more basic explanation, this means that roughly 19 out of every 20 UK music industry employees are, in fact, white. 227,000 jobs were used in the findings.

Tim Ingham at Music Week, who reported the findings, did see a possible positive lining in the study. "Unfortunately," he says, "a fully accurate depiction of music industry employment figures could not be gleaned from the report, Creative Industries: Focus On Employment, as it lumps together data from both the UK's performing arts and music sectors - and fails to break down the two industries into their respective fields."

There's a possibility that one of either the performing arts or music industry sector (separating artists from industry employees) could show different figures. But coupled together, it appears that even if that were to be the case, each would still be overwhelmingly white.

It's a discussion that, while not entirely new, is certainly discouraging. The dearth of black music industry executives has been an issue for years now in the U.S., despite a massive presence of African American artists and producers in the business. But that discussion only looks at the top of the industry. And while this study was limited to the UK, it still shows an expansive lack of minority representation overall.

The Music, Performing and Visual Arts Industries managed to trail Advertising & Marketing, IT, Software and Computer Services, and Publishing in the study - all of which accrued more than 10 percent of a minority workforce. Check the table below for the official findings, courtesy of DCMS.