This weekend could be a good one for Owen Pallett - the Arcade Fire collaborator/composer is up for an Oscar for the score he wrote for Spike Jonze's Her. But don't worry, he hasn't gone all Hollywood on us yet, in fact he's unveiled the first two tracks from his upcoming solo album In Conflict, out May 13th via Domino Records/Secret, named 'The Riverbird' and 'On a Path'.

Both of the tracks merge straight rock music with the grandiose nature of his hour-long scores; they're immediate mastering of the two mediums and each come attached to its own video. Eva Michon directs Owen's uncle Jim Pallett in 'The Riverbird' and artist Steve Kado provides the visuals for 'On a Path's lyric video. The album, which was recorded by Mark Lawson, will feature Brian Eno on synth, guitar, and vocals.

Listen, watch, and checkout the tracklist below.

  • In Conflict Tracklist:
  • 01. I Am Not Afraid
  • 02. In Conflict
  • 03. On a Path
  • 04. Song for Five & Six
  • 05. The Secret Seven
  • 06. Chorale
  • 07. The Passions
  • 08. The Sky Behind the Flag
  • 09. --> [1]
  • 10. The Riverbed
  • 11. Infernal Fantasy
  • 12. Soldiers Rock
  • 13. --> [2]

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