Header artwork supplied by the most excellent Mark Gamble, check out his Secretly Swedish Blog here! Last last night whilst listening to the wonderful B-side of Mew's No More Stories EP I made a heady boast to the denizens of twitter that I could confidently, nay easily make a mixtape comprised entirely of songs with 'owl' in the title. Whilst I didn't make the mixtape, due to certain legal issues and my own unwillingness to illegally download lots of music, I DID put together a pretty awesome (not to toot my own horn but....'toot toot'!) Spotify playlist. Click here for The 405 OWL Playlist Here is the playlist: TV on the Radio – Stork & Owl Vaya Con Dios – Night Owls The Terrible Twos – If You Ever See An Owl The Bards – The Owl & The Pussycat Battle – Wicked Owl Cypress Hill – Spark Another Owl Wild Beasts – Hooting & Howling Seabear – Owl Waltz Mew – Owl - B-side Vangelis – Dr. Tyrell's Owl Devendra Banhart – Owl Eyes John Zorn – Laughing Owl Hopesfall – Owl Owl Vision – Dancing - Owl Vision Remix Pram – The Owl Service Pong – The Owl We Just Stole A Car – Owl Dream Warriors – Answer For The Owl
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