I'm pretty sure that what I'm about to write about is probably frowned upon or possibly illegal but I feel that I need to share it with you. Maybe you could help? Last week whilst I was walking through Golders Green I stumbled across a piece of paper floating in the breeze. Usually I wouldn't think much of it. I've spent a long time in London and floating waste is part and parcel of living in the capital, so what made me pick it up is beyond me. Anyway... As I plucked it out of the midday breeze I noticed some peculiar writing. No, not some bizarre other-worldly text but a letter in French! Seeing as I only know about three words in French, I knew the task of transcribing the letter would be difficult. Not to worry though! I remember my GCSE days when my good friend the internet helped me through my French course. I got an F in French though, so he definitely owed me. Here's the letter for you: Photobucket This is what the translator gave me: Dear Picue, How are you going? I speechless that you go shooting huei has the T.V. to the Tele evening! We prefauois the soufes quaud ramon jelti l blow of ouil seu l eciau and she says: thaus this c'esr the peter and me I repoundm gaehaur me etinneneur and the seune of me, as if you avas the haltitude of passes has telr oneself ticus, oiy, this is picue. Ray I j'etais duolemeur coutreule of the the view. surtiur had if man slip-cover, avee tou big soumme x ain hamonica good day PS you me im in valleys pastiop pow the anes rowfes ___________________________________ As you can tell, the translator wasn't so good! I think it had a lot to do with the handwriting though. The words would have been hard to decipher in English, let alone French. I think I get the gist of it though. It's got something to do with skiing and possibly having fun. Oh and a TV. I feel like we should group together and figure out what the letter said and try and find it's owner. Who's with me?