Oyster Kids are one of those bands that seem to have sprung up out of nowhere. The LA-based group, specializing in a haunting brand of indie pop, that is thick in both melody and atmosphere. One of their standout tracks, '40 Nights,' is now getting an appropriately unsettling video, debuting today through The 405..

"'40 Nights' aims to explore the struggle with decay," says the band. "We all try to control our life story, but illness and death brings us back down to earth. '40 Nights' would like to share both the beauty and tragedy of life’s impermanence."

"This video was the product of an exciting collaboration," adds director Kamell Allaway. "We wanted to create a surreal environment with magical characters, while infusing the freestyle talents of performance artists Taveaus Dynamic Woods and Franchesca Bass. It was a blast to see the project evolve into something beyond what we expected."

Check out the intoxicatingly creepy video for '40 Nights' below.