Tagged "GOOMBAWAVE" on SoundCloud, here is 'Before You Disappear' by P. Morris, a musicmaker residing in LA. I dunno what's goombawave about it but I like the sentiment, whatever it's supposed to mean. Everyone likes a goomba.

The track itself is a hazy slow beat with heartbeat kicks and whiplash snares, a narcotic march through bulging wastelands of rumbling bass and scintillating synth, all of it sounding like shards of light raining down on a viscous ocean of the same scorched-engine-oil-smelling substance with which the pool is filled at the entrance to the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks; if only that were true, the title of this track would be even more fitting.

Slo-mo and sludgy, this is a big, ghostly sound that makes you feel as if you've taken one too many co-codamols and, as such, is nice and blissful. It comes from an upcoming EP by Mr P. Morris called Beloved, which is out 28th October on Bear Club Music Group. Listen to the track via its quasi-video below.