Label: Cooking Vinyl Release date: 06/10/08 Link: Buy: Amazon UK I'm a strong believer in giving anything a listen. Call me a music whore if you will but it's the only way you should be in my opinion. So many times in my life, particularly when I was a young teenager I would go along with trends or dismiss something purely on the basis that I shouldn't like it. Well right now this is my AA moment "My name is Oliver Primus, I just listened to P.O.D and it was alright" They were one of those bands on the fringes of nu-metal way back when and they even had their fair share of success too. Especially around 2001 with Satellite, but even with my limited knowledge of the band/genre after that period, I know they haven't exactly hit those same dizzy heights since. But what do I know is that When Angels And Serpents Dance is their first album in a couple of years and it also signals the return of guitarist Marcos Curiel after a four year absence. The return of Curiel must have had some effect on the band because it's a pretty solid album from start to finish. Half of the songs certainly don't touch any buttons for me but that's not to say they're bad, they just seemed to lack the extra 20%. The other half though are very self assured and definitely products of a band that have been around for quite some time. As for the nu-metal tag I'm not sure it's that relevant any more, to me they just sound like a rock band. The only thing they've really stuck with was their tendency to dip into other musical styles like Reggae, which perhaps separates them from their peers. It's by no means exciting but on songs like 'Rise Against' I certainly don't feel embarrassed to have given it a listen. Rating: 6.8/10