Talk about an interesting collaboration. Celebrating two years since his kidney surgery, P.O.S enlisted Kathleen Hanna, Lizzo, and Allan Kingdom for his new track 'sleepdrone/superposition.'

"I am so thrilled to be featured on this track, not only does it slam racism up against the wall, but the lyrics about living through illness had me on the floor," Hanna said of the track. "Okay, I was sitting up, but yeah, I was crying. Who releases a 9 minute single? But more importantly who makes a beat on a sleepdrone machine, and releases a 9 minute single that is so ALIVE you can’t stop listening?"

"I thought that could never happen," P.O.S. wrote of Hanna's assistance. "She read the lyrics before saying yes and told me she felt inspired. There’s another 30 minutes of her I couldn’t find a place for! She sings all the backup vocals that are not the hook."