Featuring folk/jazz singer Deanne Krieg on vocals, 'Airborne' is the lead single from Wellington, New Zealand based songwriter and producer Devin Abrams, aka Pacific Heights' forthcoming new album The Stillness.

A founding member of New Zealand heavy soul band Shapeshifter, with his Pacific Heights project, Abrams intertwines his interests in classic jazz, ambient music, atmospheric indie-rock, modern electronic singer-songwriter music (i.e. Darkstar, James Blake, Jamie Woon) and club-tempo bass music.

Juxtaposing Deanne's ethereal explorations of the themes of purgatory with lush, cinematic synthscapes, syncopated shuffling drum patterns and huge buzzsaw bass lines, 'Airborne' is somehow simultaneously meditative and explosive. As such, it's a fitting introduction to the diverse-yet-cohesive sounds present on The Stillness. You can also watch the accompanying video clip for 'Airborne' here.