Padma, is a UK born Buddhist singer-songwriter who currently lives in a yurt in the Spanish Pyrenees. This article takes a look at the recording of his second album and is written by the man himself! I am currently sitting in a lump of metal thousands of feet above Greenland. I’m on my way to Vancouver, Canada, where I will be recording my second album. This hurtling-through-the-sky malarkey is common practice for many humans these days, but it is striking me as decidedly odd. Apart from the fact that until the end of the 19th century it was considered impossible, I think I’m struggling to take it in my stride because until ten days ago I was living in a yurt on a mountain in Spain. My water came from a spring, my electricity from a solar panel and my heating from burning the wood gathered from the dead trees around me. (You can read about my experience of living that way by checking out my blog [ When I was asked to write this article, I was asked to write about my experience of coming down from the mountain, back into contemporary Western life. To be honest I’ve been a bit freaked out. I feel like that bloke out of Brave New World. Taken from a simple life and thrust into the complexities of a so-called ‘advanced’ culture. I think the poor little fella ends up going mad. But it’s years since I’ve read it, so maybe he ends up on Big Brother or something. Oh hang on, I think that was 1984... Between leaving the yurt and getting on the plane I have been on something of a road trip: Drove to Bilbao in the Basque country, slept in the car near a village there, then took a 36-hour ferry to Portsmouth. From Portsmouth I was in Brighton, then London, then Sheffield, then London. While in Brighton I caught up with one of the Andys from The Dials []. They are just about to release their second album, which is getting some very nice reviews, and national radio play. In Sheffield I spent a day with Holy McGrail [], who produced my first album, Here, and has been busy with various releases since then. He is currently playing as part of Julian Cope’s Pagan resistance outfit, Black Sheep. And in London I performed and gave a quick interview for BalconyTV [] and also did a couple of songs and an interview for Get Closer []. Plus met up with my record company Just Music [], to talk through ideas about my second album, much of which I wrote in the yurt this winter. So my brief time in England was unfortunately busy, but fortunately busy with music. I shall keeep on blogging during my Vancouver experience. Feel free to drop by and find out where I’m at with the album, if I’ve gone mad yet, and whether or not I’ve started wearing hoodies and saying ‘oot’ instead of ‘out’.