Boston-based act Palehound (aka Ellie Kempner) has shared a new track called 'Killer', which she succinctly describes as "about killing abusers". It couldn't come at a more prescient time with the recent revelations about Ryan Adams, not to mention countless others who have been ousted - or are yet to be.

'Killer' begins with plaintive guitar, the tone perfectly selected to emboss the idea that this is going to be a serious song, and Kempner's gravelly delivery brings this home. She describes in some detail stalking a man down an alley, weapon in hand, ready to do harm. "I wanna be the one who kills the man who hurt you darling," she intones in the chorus, a devilish sentiment if there ever was one, but subtle synth and piano reveal a love beneath the surface, an empathy inside this would-be killer. It's no surprise that recent events have inspired a song like 'Killer' from Palehound, and the tone and conviction in Kempner's voice throughout ensures we believe that these are thoughts that could truly run through her head in reading recent reports from abused women.