Boston's Palehound certainly left an impression with debut album Dry Food in 2015, with Ellen Kempner's formidable openness being a particular highlight. Now the band have announced the follow up, A Place I'll Always Go, which will see release through Polyvinyl on June 16th.

In the intervening years between the two albums, Kempner has experienced loss, both of an elderly family member, but - more shocking for the 22 year old - a close friend. A Place I'll Always Go sees her dealing with these changes; "When you lose a friend—a young friend—nothing can prepare you for that. A lot of the record is about going on with your life, while knowing that person is missing what's happening—they loved music and they're missing these great records that come out, and they're missing these shows that they would've wanted to go to. It just threw me for a loop to know that life is so fragile."

Have a watch of the video for the band's highly addictive new single 'Flowing Over' below, and you can see the tracklist for the album beneath.

A Place I'll Always Go tracklist:

  • 01. Hunter's Gun
  • 02. Carnations
  • 03. Room
  • 04. If You Met Her
  • 05. Silver Toaster
  • 06. Turning 21
  • 07. Flowing Over
  • 08. Backseat
  • 09. Feeling Fruit
  • 10. At Night I'm Alright With You