The rise of Palma Violets from relative anonymity has been somewhat of an abrupt one, no doubt ignited by NME's decision to name their debut track 'Best of Friends' the best of 2012. This has lead to some impressive titles being bestowed upon the South-London four piece, which include "the saviours of British Indie." For this reason, I was somewhat excited to go and see first hand what the fuss was all about, even more so as their live shows have become somewhat notorious.

The equally tipped Childhood started the night out in impressive style with their sun-drenched guitars filling the already packed venue, before the Violets took to the stage to receive rapturous applause. This buzz from the crowd was something that grew ever greater as the set progressed and was met wholeheartedly by the Violets, so much so that during an exuberant rendition of 'Rattlesnake Highway', it became apparent that the jugular veins of the two front men might burst at any minute.

This impressive energy continued throughout the next few tracks and mid-set ('Tom the Drum' to be precise) I found myself wondering how these boys are still alive if they manage to play every show with this much vivacity. One thing that is sure to boost this is the band of loyal followers the Violets have accumulated over the previous months. With my elevated viewpoint, I could see the lively, pulsating bulge that occupied the centre of the pit, singing in unison to every track that was played.

Technically, the band were tight and coherent and although, at times, it was hard to distinguish bassist Chilli's howls from his singing, they managed to do the tracks from their debut 180 much justice. The night finished with a three-song encore that saw multiple stage invasions, crowd surfing and downright debauchery, but hey, that’s indie right?

With my limited appreciation and knowledge of current British indie music, it's hard for me to say whether or not these boys are in fact the saviours of this supposedly dying art form, but what I can say for sure is that the youthful vibrancy they exude through their music is infectious and most pleasurable to watch.