"It feels almost like a hallucination—blurry but vivid, its sorrow and pleasure twisted tightly together," writes New Yorker journalist Carrie Battan in her recent story on London musician Benjy Keating, better known as Palmistry. The introspective swill on Keating's productions, which also received some heavy accolades from Zane Lowe, comes shortly before his increasingly anticipated debut album PAGAN, which features the new single and video for 'Lifted'.

The new single is a malleable blend of dancehall and "alien pop," as Battan affectionately affirms. The swirl of Caribbean influence is undeniably pervasive, as is much of the work noted in the ever-growing catalog of Brooklyn label Mixpak, to which Keating is a new signee. Yet as much as Keating assures he's an outsider, his endearing posturing fits right in to the movement.

Check out the videos for 'Lifted' and the previous released 'Club Aso' below. PAGAN arrives June 17th via Mixpak and can be pre-ordered today.