Palmz were pretty much unknown to me prior to this release. That surprises me because they tick every box of what I like in a band. I know that opening sentence seems destined to be followed by a "so it's disappointing to find," but that's not going to happen. I like this record. I like it a lot. The band sprint through six tracks with only 1/3 of those lasting more than 3 minutes and 20 seconds. If your morning bus journey or walk to the train station takes about 21 minutes, this is an EP to soundtrack that time.

The real draw is the lead singer's Lexie Corley Corfiatis' calming voice. Track three, 'I Will Never, Ever, EVER, Feel Again' (their capitals), has her haunting the entire track by begging you to "hold on because it's fading fast". It feels like you're in some sort of drug induced mindless state in the middle of nowhere. And it feels great.

The rest of the album owe less to an LSD laced Sixties, and more to the Fifties. I have no doubt that if somebody decided to film a new version of the first Back to the Future film 'Teenage Heartthrob' would be the song used to soundtrack the slow dance during the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. On the rare occasions they speed up, such as at times on 'Summer Dreamzzz', all you can think of is high school girls dancing around in ra-ra skirts.

What a fantastic find Palmz are. I'm off to find out more about them and spend more time thinking of high school girls.