Earlier this year, experimental pop musician Sean Draper, aka Pander Sera, put out her debut record, Bothy; today, she debuts a re-work of the excited single, ‘Gazebo’. The album is like live wires—electric and raw—and the new rendition finds fresh context amid overlapping acoustic guitars. Listen to ‘Gazebo Lite’ below.

“'Gazebo Lite' came from a celebratory expression in the days leading up to Bothy's release. Finally able to let go of the album, I was having fun figuring out some gentler sing-along arrangements of the songs and found myself recording a version of 'Gazebo' at home with an acoustic guitar and a 5-gallon water bottle. It was important to me for listeners to get to hear a mood outside of the sonic parameters established in Bothy.” – Pander Sera

As fun as the noise is on Bothy, there is a sense of intimacy in Draper’s raw voice on ‘Gazebo Lite’, unobscured by reverb and other effects. The most significant difference between this and the original is Draper’s vocals; competing only with handclaps and six strings, every word is decipherable. Her wordplay shines backed by such clear instrumentation—even if the illumination does come from pyromania.

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