This track from London–and–Stockholm duo PANES is called 'Stills' and it is from their debut self-titled EP. Arriving in video form is just fine; in fact, the distorted human forms and general storyline abstraction of the video – perhaps illustrating some emotional tumult – fits the organised, structured confusion of the track itself.

Sub-bass rumbles under a hard beat that twinkles with a combination of skiffling fragments of broken-glass hi-hats and shuffling 808 hi-hat sounds, full and heady snares pack their fuzzy punch below jumbles of darkened synth washes that serve as the jagged blanket frantically stitched by producer Shaun Savage expressedly for the lightness of singer Tyson McVey's voice, which sticks to a slow, simplistic melody, beautifully contrasting with the intensity of the beat and its veil of noise.

The single is out officially on 23rd November. You can get the PANES EP here. For now, however, do enjoy this video for the track.