Truly the finest collection of works that I have seen since I worked with Opera Gallery in Singapore this past year; anyone reading this must see it. Sculptor’s Drawings at Pangolin Gallery is undeniably OUTSTANDING.

Essentially, as a part of the Kings Place Centre just behind Kings Cross station, Pangolin Gallery has hand gathered together (I spoke to the lovely assistant there; it was tough apparently) original sketches, etchings, studies but not only studies by any stretch, by the most famed, revered, influential and avant-garde artists of the last 200 years. A mean, yet apparently, totally achievable and streamlined feat!

These works on paper and a few lovely sculptures are sourced from private and public collections and indeed, the much coveted resource of all private and commercial galleries, the private collectors; those treasure troves that shall not be named.

Being an inherently distrusting and thereby avid critic of anyone who displays even the shadiest ‘celebretiest-esque’ success detail, I went with preformed illusions of what I might see. Some half–hearted - I’m already super popular so no way do I need to attempt owt substantial at all - stick men by a certain shark tank fanned visionary (there, I say and now do acknowledge this) would have been somewhere in my own pseudo logical catalogue. But no. I was so very very wrong. #sowrong

A Sculptor, my friends, is not solely obsessed with the end result, well, not as far as this exhibition won me over suggesting. The paintings and drawings that I saw were far and above more raw, not just because they were often in pencil and about A4-3 size, they were just... better!  They made me feel that I could reach out and now really touch the work where it touched them (the artists themselves). They gave off a playful aura but not an insincere one, just that kind of one you sense when you imagine an artist deciding which Jaffa cakes to get, McVities or M&S’s square-ish ones as surely they will be of an equal standard and produced by a highly regarded team of food snobs and may actually be better in rectangles. We all do it, so maybe they do too? Thus, the heavyweights of the visual arts past and present, become human, more shall we say, valid. The works were furthermore affordable-ish, well okay affordable, if you earn an annual wage which you now and again don’t throw away on your annual Londonny London train fare and It’s Friday! beverages.


King’s Place is also a top-notch location for eating, supping vino, contemplating things, generally standing, viewing art, meeting people on professional and social daytime jaunts, relaxing….. being! Yes, it is the centre for the arts that I now value most in my city. "How nice for her", you are thinking… however Mr/Ms reader, I’m genuinely telling you to go in for this one.