With the release of her 2018 EP Travel Log 1, Panteon proved herself as an artist to watch. Now, as her travels continue to take her across the world, Panteon continues to explore and grow, as evidenced by her brilliant new single 'The Hill."

Conceived while Panteon (whose real name is Yvonne Ambrée) was doing at an art residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada in late 2017, 'The Hill' is the product of staring out the window. "I initally wanted to finish songs I wrote while traveling through Mongolia prior to my stay at Banff," explains Ambrée, "but one morning, I just came up with a new melody. While looking out my studio window into an almost unreal landscape of snowy mountains, 'The Hill' was written"

The song's video, which is premiering on The 405 today, utilizes a wide variety of mediums -- collage, video footage and animation -- which serve both as a compelling realization of the song's subject matter and as a testament to Ambrée's considerable artistic skill.

You can check out the video for Panteon's 'The Hill' up above. And be sure to check in with Panteon later this year, as a new EP should be coming soon.