Right now, Yvonne Ambrée, the brainchild behind indie-folk project Panteon is off in Mongolia, traveling the world. Her stop in Mongolia is merely the latest stop in a globe-trotting trip that is fueling her creative output. Her recent travels through Europe and the Americas served as the inspiration for her upcoming EP, Travel Log 1, which will be released on Jan. 19. She has also shared debut single, 'White Jaguar.'

"'White Jaguar' is an ode to the Kogi of Colombia, an indigenous civilization, still living like 400 years ago," says Panteon. "Considered as guardians of the earth they evoke a beautiful and strange unworldly grace which is captured by the act of fluid movements and dreamy pastel colors in the video."

Listen to the beautiful 'White Jaguar' above and also soak in those amazing visuals. Ambrée clearly knows how to package her music, and should be one to watch in the future.