LA has had a pretty good go at dominating music this year. Arctic Monkeys' recent album is drenched with East Coast vibes and the debut from HAIM could not get more LA if it threw on a pair of Wayfarers and got stuck in traffic on the I-405. Sunny vibes are a-plenty this year, and that's no different for the return of PAPA featuring bassist Danny Presant and former Girls drummer Darren Weiss.

Their new single, 'I Am The Lion King', from their upcoming debut album Tender Madness, out 4th November, has already wormed its way into our earholes before. Originally released on an EP of the same name a few years back, the song has had a little bit of tinkering and polishing now that Weiss has more time to focus on his side project since Girls split last year. Everything here sounds so much more clear and polished, with Weiss' voice giving a gruffer sound and the riffs exuding that LA vibe. It sounds like what Local Natives could produce at their most fancy free; a simple, catchy pop song that removes you from the cold October weather to those halcyon days of Summer.

The single also has itself a new video, in which the duo prance around in black and white, get pelted with water balloons naked rolls across the set. What more do you need from a video really? It's as fun and lively as the track itself.

Check that our below, along with some goodies from their digital bundle which you can download for free from here.