One of my favorite new acts, Brooklyn duo Paperwhite burst onto the scene with their single 'Magic', so it's only appropriate that that's the title of their debut EP, out on 17 November via Duly Noted Records.

It features the already mentioned 'Magic' as well as 'Take Me Back', 'Got Me Goin', their latest offering 'Pieces', and a final track 'Gold & Galaxy'. Speaking about their new track, 'Pieces', Katie Marshall said "Pieces describes the trance and magnetism of love at first sight", adding "While it questions if they're the one, it's backed with an energizing spirit and hopefulness that they are. It makes me want to dance, move and forever stay in love."

Listen below.

  • Tour Dates:
  • October 21 - Balcony TV CMJ Show - Marlin Rooms, NYC
  • November 5 - Panama Wedding Support - Rough Trade NYC

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