Double Mixte are a Parisian duo of Clara Apolit and Thomas Maan, who have just dropped their debut EP Romance Noire. It's out there for your listening pleasure on all digital platforms now - what better way to spend your Valentine's Day?

The band are signed to legendary discofied label Italians Do It Better, and their EP was mixed by head honcho Johnny Jewel. As expected, Romance Noire slots smoothly into that label's stable of excellent releases, drawing on Italo Disco and synth pop in modern and sleek ways. It has the atmosphere of a lost soundtrack to a 70s art film while maintaining the thump and style to be used in a modern day avant-garde fashion show. Throughout, the pair's vocals are contemplative and evocative - even if you don't speak a word of French.

Check out the title track below, and look for the whole EP on your preferred digital platform right now.

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