Whether it's a kind of nausea you get when there's too much content, or whether it's the feeling of being content with nausea, Parquet Courts have announced a new album called Content Nausea. It's the latest in a bit of fun title-based wordplay, a little jeux des mots, also showing itself in the fact that they're releasing this under the homophonic Parkay Quartz, under which they released their 2013 EP, Tally All The Things That You Broke.

Taken from Content Nausea, out on label What's Your Rupture? 11th November (digitally) and 2nd December (physically), is this latest track, 'Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth'. It's a rather lassitudinal track that seems to sink eternally in its own bleached guitar sound, haphazardly strummed, beset with vocals that laze easily and then yelp with rising stabs of distortion. Have a listen for yoself.

Also they are going on tour with PC Music, with whom they form the supergroup PCPC, like the Megazord from Power Rangers. Go check the dates on Songkick, cause they're going from the US, to Europe, then back to the US.

Content Nausea tracklist:
01 Everyday It Starts
02 Content Nausea
03 Urban Ease
04 Slide Machine
05 Kevlar Walls
06 Pretty Machines
07 Psycho Structures
08 The Map
09 These Boots
10 Insufferable
11 No Concept
12 Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth