It’s funny how far away festival season can seem when you’re stuck inside on a rainy March afternoon. It’s also funny how much you can taste it in the air as soon as the clouds part, and the fresh spring sun pours over your face like warm honey. Even your neighbour playing muffled shed seven while mowing their lawn can feel like the last night of Glasto in good weather.

Granted, we still have a bit to wait before we start de-grouting our wellies with butter knives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get excited.

Early on in the festival calendar is Parklife 2012. Set in Manchester during the high-notes of summer, this two year-old event has seen attendance and special guests SKYROCKET since it’s conception. So much so, that this will be the last year that Platt Fields Park will play host to the festival due to massive demand.

Previous musical ancestry includes Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, The Streets, Gossip, Simian Mobile Disco and Erol Alkan, just to name a few.

Erol and Simian are set to join Dizzee Rascal, The Flaming Lips, Justice, Kelis, and many more in what will be Parklife’s last ever rendezvous at the student’s favourite inner-city park.

At only £64.50 for a full weekend ticket, it’s not hard to see why Parklife 2012 is shaping up to be one of the biggest festivals of the year for students and cash-strapped music lovers alike.

Book your ticket now to avoid missing out on Manchester’s most anticipated summer event, and one of the biggest up-and-coming festivals in the country.

Buy tickets here, and check out the official site.