The marketing company behind Parklife Festival has been fined £70,000 for sending texts claiming to be from festival-goers' mums.

Some teenagers complained to the Information Commissioner's Office, saying they suffered "substantial distress" - stories about recently deceased mothers being the most alarming aspect of the situation.

"This was a poorly thought out piece of marketing that didn't appear to even try to follow the rules or consider the impact that their actions would have on the privacy of individuals," says Steve Eckersley, Head of ICO enforcement.

A spokesperson for the festival had this to say: "The communication was intended as a fun way of engaging festival-goers. However, the festival acknowledges that this was not an appropriate theme for everyone."

The aforementioned texts appeared to be sent from "mum", and stated "Some of the Parklife after parties have already sold. If your going, make sure your home for breakfast!" (sic).

Can they be fined an additional £20,000 for the typos?