For many, the end of New York-based pop act Parlour Tricks is a bittersweet sensation. But the band is poised to go out on top with a gorgeous final EP, (what I think about when I think about) BODIES.

To shed some light on the release, singer-songwriter Lily Cato took us track-by-track through the band's finale hurrah.

1. 'Leave Your Light On'

"I had been sitting on the first verse for a long time. Close to two years. I'd sing it out loud occasionally and then draw a complete blank when faced with coming up with a chorus or pre-chorus. But that's how it works sometimes; you gotta just let it percolate. I was at Sundance Film Festival this past January and the pre-chorus and chorus came to me all at once one morning when I was in the shower. I had to run out, dripping, to grab my phone and make a voice memo before I forgot it. It took two years, and then it took two seconds. Go figure."

2. 'Need Somebody'

"This song is about wanting to navigate loss and fear and handle heavy emotional stuff alone, but finally understanding that it's OK to ask for help, to need to lean on somebody. My dad died four years ago and I am still learning how to grieve. It's a long process. Having honest conversations about it is the only curative property other than time."

3. 'Belle Gunness'

"Weirdly, a demo version of this song got into a BMW commercial in 2013. We still can't believe that happened. But we decided to re-record it this year, and it's more in keeping with how we'd been playing it lately. It has always been one of our favorites, live. Never gets old. The story: Belle Gunness was a 19th century American serial killer. She'd advertise in the local papers that she was looking for a husband, marry the men who responded (this happened multiple times over the course of several years), kill them and collect their life insurance. She hired a man named Ray to work on her farm, and he helped her bury the bodies. He fell in love with her. This is about their relationship.... it's a love song, loosely."

4. 'Ugly Ways'

"A close friend was going through a brutal break up a few years ago. She couldn't understand how someone could claim to love her so much but still treat her so badly. The song is an ode to the strength she was able to summon when she walked away from him, even when she was feeling her weakest."

5. 'Choke'

"I have no fucking idea why I wrote this song. I don't think any particular incident inspired it, but it's essentially about knowing your worth, not wanting to waste your own time, not wanting to listen to other peoples' bullshit. I wrote it in 2011 in an hour. It came together so quickly, lyrics and arrangement and all, that I felt like I had made a mistake. It was too short, it didn't make a ton of sense. But it has always been SO FUN to play live. Gets all aggressive at the end and then abruptly stops. And it has some of my favorite vocal harmonies I've ever written, to boot. The ladies slayed this shit, every time."

6. 'Mashup #1'

"One night early on, maybe 2011, we were bored standing outside a venue before a gig and Brian started singing the intro to "War Pigs". Then abruptly Angelo started singing Ann Peebles' "I Can't Stand The Rain" over it. And then I started singing "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. That's literally it; nobody was like "LET'S MAKE A MASHUP". It just happened. A few days later, as a joke, we played them all together in rehearsal. It took five minutes to arrange. Ever since then it's been the last song at almost every show we've ever played. We stopped playing it for a few months somewhere in the middle there, but it didn't feel right. It's as much a Parlour Tricks song as any of the originals."