Parquet Courts are reminiscent of that band you listened to when you were young, and are slightly embarrassed admitting to liking now, but you sure as hell don’t care when you actually listen to them. Backed by the majority of the music scene at large, with smart lyrics, punk sensibilities, singalong melodies, and raw guitar lines, Parquet Courts are a band ready for you to start falling in love with them.

On April 15th their debut LP, Light Up Gold, will be released in the UK. On top of that, the band has a new track streaming on their label’s SoundCloud page, which you can find below. They’ve also got three UK live dates scheduled, their first ever, taking place on the following dates:

  • 19th March, The Garage, Highbury (with the Men)
  • 20th March, The Shacklewell Arms
  • 21st March, Sebright Arms