Songwriter/producer, Stephen Tiernan is a subtle talent from Dublin. He's delivered his latest work in the form of emotionally-fueled Participant, and takes us to places we never thought we'd go in his eye-opening and depth-dependent video for latest single 'Your Better.' It's the latest single to be taken from his second EP, Content.

With textured-filled sonic chances and a video by award-winning director Bob Gallagher (Girl Band / SOAK / Saint Sister) Participant takes us alongside his artistic protagonist, who is a male prostitute exploring intimacy and isolation.

"Your Better was one of those songs that seemed complete from the moment I uttered the first lyric over the first chord," he said. "It's a strange thing to feel something inherently unhappy and bitter pour forth and then be really pleased that you've captured it and put it to use. It's a song that deals with ideas of family, love, rejection and it's consequences, framed as a failing romance. Yet, if you look past the sadness, it has an undercurrent of selfishness too, which I can't shy away from."

Watch it below.