Elana Belle Carroll has been in the business of making music since she was 11 years old. During her teen years, she was focused on performing country songs. At 18 though, she moved to New York to pursue her first solo project, Vernous. With Vernous, she explored a darker and heavier side to electro. Elana then found herself in Los Angeles where brighter pop sounds and indie vibes found their way into her writing. This new sound called for a new name. Party Nails was born.

With her album Past Lives and Paychecks slated to drop this fall, the 405 is here to premiere the video for her new single, ‘With Time (I Will Come 2 U)’.

“This song was a collab with my friends Gian Stone and Justin Lucas. Just as we finished writing the song, my friend since the 4th grade who was in town visiting me came to the studio," says Elana. "We all sang the background vocals together. Then months later I was in Seattle for a show and stepped outside of a bar for a breather. I saw a streetlight on the corner and the idea for the music video came all at once. My cousin Mati Shaw (who plays the waitress) and I had been wanting to work together and we both knew this was perfect. She brought Barbra Wyre, who was outstanding! Their energy was so precious and joyful. The man smoking at the beginning is another friend of mine, Erik (we are planning more ideas together, so expect to see him again soon). The song is about being excited to love someone but knowing that you need to love yourself first."

This new video is here to brighten your spirits. It’s shot in a way that feels like an unplanned stroll around town. The protagonists’ public dancing and enthusiasm is something everyone has wanted to do at one point or another. Between watching the video and listening to Party Nails’ beats and vocals, it’s impossible not to move a little yourself. She’s no rookie when it comes to beats. She’s a music production teacher, contributing to Beats By Girlz and has collaborated with acts like Getter and MitiS.

You deserve a little break to feel good about yourself. Party Nails’ ‘With Time (I Will Come 2 U)’ is here to offer a little respite and a much-needed dance break.