Icelandic sisters Jófríõur Ákadóttir & Ásthildur, aka Pascal Pinon, have announced that they have a new album in the works and that Sundur will be delivered on August 26th via Morr Music. They've offered up a preview of their minimal folk music with the delivery of the project's lead single '53.'

"53 was written the summer of 2012. I was in the east of Iceland, it was early morning after this art festival I was playing at, we'd had a late night and were so drained, completely empty and so receptive and vulnerable to emotions," Jófríõur said.

"I had met this boy there, I hardly knew him but we went for a walk around the town. We walked to a church, which happened to be open so we sat down and started talking about life and death as if we'd known each other for years and years. The boy told us about his mother and how she had passed away when he was just a kid. She had suffered from mental illness and jumped out of a window. When I got home I kept thinking about it, it had such an impact on me. I was beginning to understand that people don't live forever. I wished there was something I could say to him but I didn't know how, so I put together this song, as a kind of consolation or a message to him."