Passion Pit have unveiled the artwork/tracklisting for their forthcoming album, Gossamer, which is set for release on July 23rd.

Check that out below, and 'Take a Walk', which received a mixed response when it was released recently. We can confirm that the album is sonically very similar to Manners, though that's no bad thing really, is it?


Gossamer Tracklist:

  • 1. Take a Walk
  • 2. I’ll Be Alright
  • 3. Carried Away
  • 4. Constant Conversations
  • 5. Mirrored Sea
  • 6. Cry Like a Ghost
  • 7. On My Way
  • 8. Hideaway
  • 9. Two Veils to Hide My Face
  • 10. Love Is Greed
  • 11. Its Not My Fault I’m Happy
  • 12. Where We Belong