While last year's Local Business LP was an aesthetic departure from the band's breakout 2010 concept album The Monitor, Titus Andronicus have laid out some pretty bold plans for the future.

In an interview with Missoulian, Titus Andronicus lead singer Patrick Stickles detailed the heavy project, saying that the next album will be a 30-plus song rock opera. The premise, Stickles notes, comes from his own past bouts of manic depression, as well philosophy and literature from the likes of Nietzsche.

The tracks, he notes, should be shorter than the usual Titus Andronicus fare, and will have accompanying videos to go along with it. Fans who are ever so inclined can actually pre-order the release today, but the release date is tentatively scheduled for November of 2014.

Despite the lengthy timetable before the release, the band has already deputed the brand new 'Fatal Flaw' during past live performances, which Stickles noted would be on the new album. Check out a fan-shot video of 'Fatal Flaw' below.

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