Patrick Wolf has been picked to write the score for a film by B Good Picture Company that will explore the early life of Noel Coward. Glee's Chris Colfer is set to star in the film which for now has the working title 'Noel'.

Wolf has previously featured on film soundtracks before and according to him, this is a very fitting first score:

"I am so thrilled for my first film soundtrack composition to be about Noel Cowards early life, we both grew up in the same parts of south west London and began our journeys onto the stage and into writing at the same precocious age."

Wolf's unique musical identity is characterised by his theatrical approach, making for a natural transition composing for film. Currently recording his sixth album at his London studio 'The Adyton', he will be stepping out of the studio and on to the road with a show named 'Into the Adyton' later this month. The tour will feature a special collaboration with Patti Smith at the Cartier Foundation in Paris.

Here's Mr. Wolf performing 'Teignmouth' live at the Hilles House: