Drive-By Truckers frontman Patterson Hood will release his new solo album, Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance, on September 10th.

The follow-up to Hood's 2009 release Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs), the new album will be available via CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Talking about the album - which features almost all of Drive-By Truckers - Hood said:

“I called it ‘Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance’ and decided that spring to record it as a solo album. I could clearly hear in my head exactly how I wanted every song to sound and made a list of who I wanted to play on each one. It is in some ways the most personal album I've ever made. There has always been a lot of me in all of the albums we've done, but usually semi-disguised as character sketches and stories, but the first person narrative in this one is pretty firmly rooted in autobiography, albeit in two dramatically differing time periods.”

Hood has also confirmed a London show at Union Chapel on November 13th, where he will be joined by Craig Finn (The HoldSteady) and Will Johnson (Centro-matic).

    ‘Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance’ Tracklisting;
  • 01. 12:01
  • 02. Leaving Time
  • 03. Disappear
  • 04. Better Off Without
  • 05. (untold pretties)
  • 06. After The Damage
  • 07. Better Than The Truth
  • 08. Betty Ford
  • 09. Depression Era
  • 10. Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance
  • 11. Come Back Little Star
  • 12. Fifteen Days (Leaving Again)