Good news! Patti Smith had a long-lost bag of possessions returned to her over the weekend. Smith was at Dominican University, discussing her new memoir M Train, when a fan interrupted her with the bag of items, stolen 36 years ago; one of these included a bandana given to the singer by her late brother.

One eye-witness to the event wrote:

"A woman stood up and told Patti that she had a bag of clothes that belonged to her 40 years ago and would like to return it. Smith (and everybody) looked totally confused, but asked the person to come up to the stage and hand her the bag. Patti looked inside and just froze."

"Turns out that 40 years ago the band’s truck was stolen in Chicago, all their equipment/clothes/personal things ... basically everything they owned. These clothes among them. So Patti pulls out these items of clothing and talks about them (the shirt she wore on the Rolling Stone cover, the Keith Richards T-Shirt you’ve seen her wear in a hundred photos) and then gets to the bottom of the bag. Here was a bandana that her beloved late brother had worn and then given to her, and she starts to weep. Before long, half the audience was crying with her."

According to the Chicago Tribute, the fan – name: Doreen Bender – claimed the singer's items came into her possession via a friend who worked for U-Haul. It's thought that they were originally taken in 1979, when over $40,000 worth of equipment was stolen from a truck whilst Smith was playing at Aragon in Chicago.