It may have taken over 50 years, but Barbara Bezant and Lyn Phillips finally got a response to tape they made for Paul McCartney back during Beatlemania. The two women, teens at the time, recorded a message after seeing The Beatles perform at the Lewisham Odeon in December of 1963. The hopeful message said “this dream is just to come round the back and see you, but I don’t suppose that’ll ever happen. But we can always live in hope, can’t we?” and they posted it to the wall of Finsbury Park Astoria, where they were scheduled to play next.

Fast forward to present times, and a flea market in Great Yarmouth located the tape! David McDermott, a local historian, snatched up the tape and immediately took it to BBC program The One Show, who reunited the two women while they were visiting The Beatles Project in London. Much to their surprise, they were presented with a letter from Paul McCartney himself, and the letter read:

"Hi Linda and Barbara, thanks very much for you lovely tape. It finally got through, better late than never. Great to hear that you found each other after all these years. Keep enjoying the music, love Paul.”

They were thrilled to get a response, of course, even if they were a bit embarrassed of the content on the tape. Better late than never, right?