The Montreal trio Paupière has been building its reputation as a sensational synth-pop, unafraid to explore new sounds and textures within their music. Their latest track, 'Rex,' has been crushing it Canada thanks to its fresh take on New Wave and electropop, as well as an intoxicating violin sample. Today, 'Rex' gets a visually striking and emotionally compelling music video, which is premiering internationally through The 405.

'Rex' and its accompanying video, directed by Christine Grosjean, have already been enjoyed by French Canadians for some time. But, as Paupière prepares the release of its debut album À Jamais Privé de Réponses on Sept. 7 via Lisbon Lux, the secret is about to get out about to the rest of the world that this band is something special. The joys of 80s synth-pop intermingle beautifully with the languorous French vocal performances, resulting in a captivating, dreamy concoction that leaves listeners yearning for more and more.

You can check out the video for Paupière's 'Rex' above, and you can pre-order À Jamais Privé de Réponses here.