We'd suggest keeping an eye on Pavement's social media channels over the next weeks. The band posted a note on their new Facebook page (already confirmed as official), teasing Pavement fans with all kinds of information:

hi pavement fans... spiral here. we've taken back our page after all these years... thanks to the fine folks at matador. and thanks to you for supporting us! there's some great news coming soon... in the meantime, we will be randomly posting stuff from the archive.

hope you enjoy!

But that's not all: Bob Nastanovich later posted he was "happy to be an admin/reporter on this page" and hinted at the possibility of a future contest to win "some Pavement relics from the '90s and 2010." So yes, it could be just that, or an anniversary reissue, but there's always hope we might be seeing Pavement live (or listening to new material) in the near future:

Stephen Malkmus, however, had no concrete explanations for the meaning of these upcoming "surprises":